To be successful in fishing, it is very important to use the right equipment. Among the most commonly used equipment, the casting reel is a reliable tool. But in order to be able to handle it with precision, there are a few points to consider.

Using a casting reel with a fighting brake

For the casting reel model that has a fighting brake, it is necessary to let the line body out of its spool. This makes it easier to catch even if the fish struggles when using the equipment. In general, this tool takes the form of a star that is placed on the back of the crank.

It is essential to set the fighting brake correctly so that the line can get out of the fish’s rushes without any problems. You can also use your thumb as a fighting brake if you do not have the right tools for this kind of catch. The drag is a tool that is more than important to simplify the use of a casting reel. However, the choice of the brake model should never be neglected so that the equipment can function with more performance.

In the case of a friction brake

In order to simplify the catching of a fish when using a casting reel, there is also the friction brake which can easily help. This type of material acts specifically on the speed of the reel. When this speed is extremely tight, you can easily lose casting distance. If this point is not controlled with the right opening, the spool cannot stand in its place.

It is therefore necessary to adjust the friction brake properly. This is done by hooking the lure to the line. This makes it easy to bring the lure back to the rod and to keep the rod in a horizontal position. Now you need to disengage the reel using the trigger and also drop the lure into the water. Once the reel is in the water, make sure that the spool does not turn.

For reel adjustment with magnetic and centrifugal drag

Using a casting reel requires a certain amount of precision. This is especially true for the brake. The reel brake can be either magnetic or centrifugal, depending on your preference. For the magnetic brake setting, which is structured by a multi-position selector. It is a device that is more practical for beginners. On the technique of use, to obtain an adequate resistance with the reel, you should not insist too much on the low value.

If you have a centrifugal brake at your disposal, you can push outwards to slow down the impulse that is emitted when casting. When retracting the weights, it is important to leave the spool free in its throw. Please note that the casting distance also plays a role in the parameter of use of the casting reel.

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