Trout fishing is a very popular sport because it gives a trout fisherman maximum pleasure. But to maximise efficiency, the right fishing equipment is needed. This also allows you to tailor the experience to the size of the fish and the location where you want to fish.

The rod

First and foremost, it is important to note that the rod should be powerful enough, regardless of where you choose to fish for trout. The weight of the lure is the most important factor in choosing a rod, because the rod is used for a specific weight.

Apart from the power, the length of the rod is also an important factor to take into account when fishing for trout. The length of the rod should be chosen according to the water and the vegetation present. For a multipurpose rod, the length is between 1.50 m and 1.70 m.

The reel

The reel is a piece of fishing equipment that must also be optimised for trout fishing. In order to catch trout easily, the reel should not be too big or too small either. It is also more practical to use a reel with a versatile size. This allows you to adapt your fishing to the water and the size of the trout. So it could be 20 or 2000 to 30 or 3000.

The line

For trout fishing, a 150-metre line is more than enough. This allows you to cast far enough and still have enough line in case the trout is quite aggressive. As for the diameter, it is always according to the colour of the water that you will choose in order to keep a maximum of discretion. This also allows you to have a rather efficient fishing equipment.

The mounting

As far as the rig is concerned, trout fishing also requires a versatile rig. The float rig is therefore the most suitable. It is the most classic type of rig, but it is always effective, whatever the water. After that, the weight of the bait will depend on the type of bait. And it should be noted that the weight should be very low if the bait is small enough.

The bait

The bait is not often highlighted, but apart from the performance of thefishing equipment, it is one of the most important elements in fishing. And when it comes to trout fishing, there are several types of bait to choose from. It can be an artificial bait or a natural bait. Artificial bait is one of the most classic baits for trout fishing in lakes. This type of bait can be kept for a long time, regardless of the water temperature.

And if you prefer natural bait, live worms are the most effective. Then there are earthworms, which are quite versatile.

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