The options available to you in terms of baits are going to be very varied. Among those you can decide between, we can mention a fishing spoon. These will come in many forms, and among other things, you can even make your own models.

Using a fishing spoon

Using a fishing spoon is a fairly old practice, and is even known as the first metal lure design. It is said that the idea of creating a lure with this shape came to an English fisherman. He saw a fish rush towards his spoon when it fell into the water. He experimented with a lure with this shape, and it turned out to be a great success.

This is an interesting type of lure, which works by undulating in the water. The aim is to attract the attention of the fish by making it look like a prey. For this to work, the lure must be decorated to look like a small fish.

The benefits of using a spoon for fishing

There are several benefits that you can get from using a fishing spoon to catch fish. One of these is a high efficiency of this technique, and it will mainly work the times you use it.

Secondly, this type of lure will stand out for the fact that it can be bought for a price that is not high. This is a good opportunity for you to buy lures that won’t cost too much. Finally, you can also appreciate the fact that they come in a variety of shapes.

Make your own fishing spoons

It is possible to make your own fishing spoons, but you will need some DIY tools to do so. Basically, you will need to take normal spoons and cut the handle with a special metal saw.

Then you have to drill holes on both ends with a strong drill. These holes will be used to attach the hook and then your spoon to the line. A grinder can be used to finish the edges. You will need to be very careful when doing this, as you are using risky equipment.

Using spoons properly

A fishing spoon can have two functions, and you can get either a wobbling or a spinning spoon. Depending on the model you decide to buy, it will be possible to carry out a fishing style. Before you decide on a particular model, you should familiarise yourself with the different characteristics of each lure.

The decision to use one type or another may also vary depending on the fish you are interested in. To ensure that you get a variety of benefits, you can also decide to buy spoons that are of both types, and choose one or the other depending on what is practical.

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